Jeremy Baron

Jeremy Baron is a freelance photographer and filmmaker now living in Brooklyn, NY. His photographs have been featured in art galleries, internet publications, newspapers and magazines.

Jeremy works annually with the international children's theater organization, Mudd Butts Mystery Theater Troupe. Trips with this project have given him opportunities to take photographs in vastly remote places.

New York City based production company The Concept Farm also employs Jeremy commercial shoots around the world.

Jeremy is an artistic and candid photojournalist who is available to shoot weddings and other special events worldwide.

Most recently, Jeremy has been making documentaries and short films.

For information on purchasing limited edition prints, reproduction rights to any of the images in his archives or to check his availability for events please email

  • Jeremy's current and past clients include:
    The Concept Farm, N.Y., N.Y.
  • Woo Arts International 
  • Fortune Magazine
  • Telluride Magazine
  • Telluride Ski Company
  • Sun TechKing
  • Soft Green-Blue
  • Telluride Academy 
  • Telluride Jazz Festival

2006-2007 Photographer and layout designer for the Telluride Watch newspaper

2004-2010 Wedding photographer, Telluride, Colorado

2007-2008 Photographer and weekend photo editor for Telluride Daily Planet

2008 Photographer for Telluride Magazine

2008 Telluride Ski Company Photographer

2006-2009 Photographer for the Mudd Butts International Children's theater company

2008-2010 Documentary photographer for Woo Arts International, N.Y, N.Y.

1999-2009 Camera operator for TCTV Chanel 13

2008 Camera operator for RSN Network Chanel 12


Jeremy Baron

Jeremy Baron